Handwork and technology for genuine top-class wines

Where other bodegas rely on mass, Castell Miquel is a place of appreciation and attentiveness. As a result of the early cultivation method and favourable geological conditions, the vines produce only a small yield – the quality of which is much better.

The grapevine and its requirements are the focus of attention at Castell Miquel. Because as a pharmacist and the Chairman of Bionorica SE, owner Prof. Michael Popp is one thing above all: A real plant expert.

Scarcely anyone else knows how to decipher the secrets of botany like Prof. Popp. And so it is not surprising that this care and attention for nature´s treasures benefit not only the pharmaceutical products of the founder, but also his wines.

As at Bionorica, Prof. Popp also puts his faith at Castell Miquel in unadulterated nature, combined with state-of-the-art technology and analytical precision. In order to translate Professor Popp´s vision into first-class wines, he entrusts oenologists with the wines of the Castellet. Because in addition to plenty of feeling and experience, they also bring with them the necessary know-how and openness to the modern methods that Prof. Popp makes available to them: State-of-the-art cellar technology and an in-house laboratory for which equipment from human medicine was put to a different use. With the aim of using the best possible process control on the way to the premium wine.

The employees of Castell Miquel work in harmony with nature to create top wines that receive worldwide attention.