Gentle procedures for best quality

The Castell Miquel vineyard has several cultivation areas in Majorca whose grapes have different characteristics due to their geographical location.

In addition to varietal-specific aromas, numerous fine nuances are created which give the wines complexity and fullness. The Mediterranean climate gives rise to wines with a rich body with ripe tannins. Here the cool breeze of the sea produces a soothing balance of season-related high temperatures. Heat-storing dry walls contribute in turn on cooler evenings to the warming of the vines, which has a positive effect on the maturation of the grapes.

Depending on the location, different types of grapes are cultivated for different purposes – from excellent white wine, through intense red wine to surprising cuvées with finely tuned aromas.

What they all have in common is the fact that they are strictly monitored all year round and precisely checked concerning their requirements and degree of maturity. Only when the grapes have achieved perfect maturity are they gently harvested by hand and prepared as intact as possible for fermentation.

At Castell Miquel we also use state-of-the-art cellar technology: In our own laboratory, the sugar, acid and alcohol content of the grapes are tested several times a day before and during the harvest. Because once the grapes are ripe, even small delays up to harvest time can make a difference to the quality. Particularly gentle techniques are also used for the processing in order to enable the consistently high quality of our wines.